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Six schools from the Ajdovščina region compete for the annual POPRI competition

Today we would like to share a success story with you that fosters the development of the region by promoting school development. In this case through a competition of winning business ideas. This is the case of one of our members: the Regional Development Agency ROD Ajdovščina which has managed to top the competition with 6 schools in the semi-final competition under its tutelage.

This year, more than 475 young people with 169 business ideas from all over Slovenia applied for the competition for the best business idea: POPRI. The expert committee had a difficult and demanding job. Therefore, the mentors of the Regional Development Agency ROD Ajdovščina are very happy to announce that six of our teams managed to qualify for the regional competition among the 12 semi-finalists in each age category. Five from primary schools in Dobravlje, Danilo Lokar Ajdovščina, Šturje and Draga Bajca Vipava and one team from Škofija Gymnasium Vipava.

Primary school students from our region are achieving great success in this competition. During the year, primary and secondary school students prepared 11 business models to present at the Slovenian business competition POPRI 2023, which is being held this year for the 20th time. In this context, they studied customer needs and wishes, defined customers and developed useful products and services based on this. In order to be able to sell them successfully, they thought about and included in the business model how and where they would sell their products and carefully planned the advertising of their product or service. In addition, they had to think about the financial sustainability of their project and develop a prototype with which they could easily present their product or service to the competition committee. To develop a good product, the students had to talk to many potential customers and experts in the field.

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