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SODERCAN Allocates €368.000 to Foster Permanent Employment in Startups

Article written by Neus Armenjach - Junior Communications Officer

Startups are the driving force behind innovation and economic growth, embodying the entrepreneurial spirit and the pursuit of solutions to pressing challenges. In Cantabria's dynamic landscape, these young enterprises represent not only the promise of tomorrow but also the catalyst for transformative change.

Our esteemed member SODERCAN, the Society for the Development of Cantabria, has stepped up its efforts to bolster the region's economy by supporting indefinite hiring in newly established enterprises. With a substantial injection of €368,000 in aid, the initiative aims to stimulate job creation and promote the stability of the local workforce.

Through its EMPLEA programme, SODERCAN, a public entity under the Ministry of Industry, has facilitated 25 contracts for 21 small and medium-sized enterprises and self-employed individuals operating since 2019. This funding initiative, part of the larger plan to boost autonomous employment in Cantabria, signifies a crucial effort to improve the entrepreneurial landscape of the region. With a maximum grant of €18,000 per application, these aids are essential for start-ups trying to establish a stable workforce.

Moreover, SODERCAN's commitment to the Startup landscape extends beyond financial assistance. The organisation also provides advisory services and support through its Area of Creation, Innovation, and Business Consolidation. By offering comprehensive assistance to new ventures and projects throughout Cantabria, SODERCAN strives to cultivate a thriving ecosystem to foster entrepreneurial success.

In essence, SODERCAN's commitment to fostering permanent employment in startups not only serves as a catalyst for economic growth but also reinforces Cantabria's position as a hub for innovation and entrepreneurship. By investing in the future of small businesses, SODERCAN lays the groundwork for sustainable development and prosperity in the region.

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