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SOGEPA merged with SOWALFIN y SRIW to become Wallonie Entreprendre

From 1 January 2023, the three economic tools of Wallonia - SOGEPA, SOWALFIN and SRIW - have merged to create a new entity, Wallonie Entreprendre, which is emerging as the only high value-added solution capable of intervening at all stages of business. life.

The year 2023 begins with a fundamental transformation for the Walloon economic landscape. In fact, the three economic tools that are SOGEPA, SOWALFIN and SRIW are now one, grouped under the name of Wallonie Entreprendre or WE, a single entity that brings together all the specialities of each of the previous structures.

Increasing the impact

Joining forces in a new structure with a strong brand enables the concentration of the impact force thanks to a scale effect: the acquired size allows to improve the service to companies and to enhance support services for greater efficiency.

The integration of expertise in a single tool makes it possible to reinforce the impact on the Walloon economic fabric. The objective is to support, through support and financing professions, a differentiating action on the development of ecosystems and value chains, but also growth, innovation and business resilience.

Responsible investments

For Wallonie Entreprendre, financial return is important, but not everything. The objective is also to act in a responsible and sustainable way by investing in companies with a positive and measurable social and environmental impact. WE, therefore, accompanies Walloon companies on the path towards ESG (Environment, Social and Governance), which is nowadays an imperative for both clients and other financial partners. WE is, for example, equipped to carry out support and financing actions to accelerate the transformation of companies towards "less carbon". No one today disputes the need to provide short-term answers to companies' difficulties and accelerate the implementation of structural solutions.

Wallonie Entreprendre's activities are not changing. They always revolve around three major inseparable axes: awareness-raising, support and funding. The organisation is also based on 11 thematic areas of expertise (energy transition, deep technologies, industrial policy, innovation, internationalisation, transmission, recovery, social entrepreneurship, etc.) which naturally leads to a more transversal approach that further enhances the "smart money". and a global and integrated service for businesses.

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