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SPRI and the Basque Government present 83 aid programmes for SMEs with more than 600 million euros to maintain business dynamism

Arantxa Tapia, Basque Government Minister for Economic Development, Sustainability and the Environment, and the Director General of the SPRI Group, Aitor Urzelai, presented the 2023 aid plan for SMEs.

With a budget of around 600 million euros, this plan includes 83 programmes designed in 12 thematic areas to maintain Basque business dynamism, which creates wealth and employment despite the difficulties.

The work and knowledge of all the companies responsible for managing this aid, EVE, IHOBE, URA, HAZI FUNDAZIOA, ELIKA, as well as SPRI itself, Basque Trade & Investment and the Venture Capital Company, coordinated by the Department, is reflected in programmes that have had a magnificent reception and response from the Basque business fabric.

SMEs, large companies, start-ups and people and companies in the agricultural and fishing sectors will have access to aid this year 2023 to support transformative projects. Seventy per cent of the budget, specifically €413.611.315, is earmarked for R&D+i Technology and Energy Transition programmes.

The drive towards decarbonisation is also gaining weight in the Basque economy, which grew by 20% between 2005 and 2019 and managed, at the same time, to reduce emissions by 27%. Specifically, the Basque industry has reduced its emissions by 48% between 2005 and 2020. Aid for decarbonisation is present transversally in many programmes, some of them new.

The aid is complemented by significant contributions to investment in industrial development, the food industry and internationalisation, among other areas.

The twelve areas are: R&D Technology, Innovation, Entrepreneurship, Digital Transformation, Industrial Development, Energy Transition, Internationalisation, Economy in the Rural and Coastal Sphere, SMEs First Sector, Food Industry, Bioeconomy and Circular Economy and Environment.

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