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Exploring Two Key InvestEU Events: Financing Europe’s Future and The EU Sustainable Investment Summit

Article written by Paula Montero, Junior Project and Policy Officer

The Financing Europe’s Future event showcased the significant opportunities offered by the InvestEU program, bringing together representatives from the European Investment Bank (EIB) and the European Investment Fund (EIF).

This event highlighted the programme's impact on economic growth, European company competitiveness, and the advancement of the green and digital transition across Europe. EIB Vice-President Teresa Czerwińska highlighted the programme's achievements, approving 471 operations totalling €24 billion and signing 382 operations amounting to €16.2 billion. These actions are poised to mobilise an impressive €157 billion, making a substantial contribution to the European economy.

The event featured panel sessions focusing on InvestEU beneficiaries, providing a stage to showcase successful projects that contribute to the green and digital transition, enhance Europe's resilience, and promote social impact. The discussions during these panels underscored the positive and diverse outcomes resulting from the InvestEU initiative. Notably, collaborative efforts with implementing partners, including the EIF, Council of Europe Development Bank, and European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, were emphasised as crucial for executing the InvestEU programme effectively.

During the final panel, stakeholders offered valuable perspectives on the current impact of InvestEU and its future trajectory. Eric de Montgolfier, representing Invest Europe, advocated for simplifying InvestEU processes to enhance effectiveness and facilitate business growth.

The closing session, led by Nadia Calviño, President of the EIB, highlighted the overall success of InvestEU in mobilising strategic investments, reaffirming its pivotal role in supporting the European economy.

The EU Sustainable Investment Summit

On the other side, the EU Sustainable Investment Summit focused on the delivery of the green transition in the European Union and globally. This flagship event of the European Commission emphasized sustainable investment's role in achieving climate-neutral objectives outlined in the European Green Deal.

In the opening address, Valdis Dombrovskis, Executive Vice-President for an economy that works for people, emphasised the imperative of collective action to achieve a net-zero industrial system, advance breakthrough green technologies, and enhance international coordination. The summit's first panel explored the roles of both the public and private sectors in greening production, underscoring the significance of thriving capital markets for investments in clean and green technology. Another panel focused on innovation as a driver, highlighting the interdependence of green and digital transitions.

The summit's Oxford-style debate examined the importance of private versus public investment for a successful green transition, with panellists advocating for the leading role of public investment due to its longer time horizon, better management of externalities, and a more stable cost of financing. The final panel addressed the global dimension of the green transition, emphasising the critical role of international cooperation. In conclusion, Commissioner for Economy Paolo Gentiloni emphasised the substantial financial commitment of nearly €500 billion for the green transition until 2027, emphasising the need for broad social acceptability to ensure a just transition.

In conclusion, both events played a crucial role in highlighting the achievements and prospects of InvestEU and the imperative of sustainable investment for Europe's green transition. The discussions underscored the collaborative efforts needed to address global challenges and pave the way for a sustainable and resilient future.