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Upcoming Next Week: General Assembly and AGORADA

Article written by EURADA secreatariat

In the upcoming next week, two of the most important conferences organised by EURADA are taking place in Brussels. Both the General Assembly and AGORADA will occur on the 5 and 6 of June, at the Maison des Ailes and the Committee of the Regions respectively.

The General Assembly, which will take place on Monday 5 June at Maison des Ailes at 15:00 CEST, is a key event for EURADA members as your presence is necessary in the voting process (which will be carried out both online and in-person). The main points of discussion will be the approval of the 2022 budget result and provisional budget for 2023, the recognition of resignations and replacements in the Board of Directors, the approval of the new statatue, and the welcoming of new members, among other topics.

The day after, on 6 June at  the Committee of the Regions, AGORADA  will take place at the European Committee of the Regions at 09:00 CEST, just like last June 2022. This year, AGORADA is entitled “6Ps towards Sustainable Cities and Regions” and will explore policy developments and the role of regional development agencies on the following topics:

  • Talent Attraction, Upskilling & Retraining – session moderated by Carmen Carvalheira (from CCDR Antelejo), with speakers: Gabriele MARZANO (Emilia-Romagna Region), Virginie LAYE (PwC) and Karen MAGUIRE (OECD).
  • Urban Regeneration – session moderated by Ronald HALL (DG REGIO), with speakers: Anne WETZEL (Hauts-de-France Region), Jonas PETERSON (International Economic Development Council) and Alberto RUIZ CARMENA (Malaga City Council).
  • Territorial Innovation, Interregional Value Chains & Strategic Foresight – session moderated by Lucía HUERTAS SUANZES (INFO Murcia), with speakers: Bert KUBY (Committee of the Regions), Christian MATTI (JRC), Christian SAUBLENS (former EURADA director) and Anna SOWA-JADCZYK (Małopolska Regional Development Agency).

Click here to check the full agenda of the event.

The annual conferences of EURADA offer a unique experience for members and other stakeholders, as they create a platform where professionals from all across Europe come together to share experiences, exchange knowledge, and collaborate on various regional development topics during the sessions.

Lastly, we kindly remind all attendees of the conferences to ensure punctuality and arrive earlier than the scheduled start time. It is essential to allow sufficient time for registration and badge collection upon arrival. Your participation is highly valued and from EURADA, we look forward to welcoming you to Brussels for these exciting events.

Should you have any questions or require further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact Giacomo Frisanco.