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TAMSALL (Towards A new Multilevel Shared Approach for Libya Local governance) aims to contribute to the development of qualitative local public services in Libya. This will imply the empowerment of liaison with donors, international organisations, European regional and local authorities, as well as relevant stakeholders, and the reinforcement of administrative tools for planning and implementing services.

TAMSALL is a project which aims at creating the conditions for the improvement of different services in targeted municipalities through providing local administrators with methodologies and instruments based on the Multi-Level Governance (MLG) approach, thus introducing/strengthening the involvement of a plurality of stakeholders in planning and implementing local services, while fostering the collaboration between municipalities and local branches of national ministries.

MLG aims to establish effective partnerships addressing problems beyond administrative borders and together with all relevant national, regional and local stakeholders (according to the area of interest and territorial challenges) laying down a common set of standards to improve consultation, participation and dialogue with partners during the planning, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of development programmes or initiatives. 
TAMSALL will focus on improving services directly targeting youth and environmental issues, and transversal services with a high impact on youth engagement and well-being and environmental consciousness, namely social and health services and communication services. Overall, four different thematic areas of interest will thus be tackled, namely: Environment, Youth, Social/health and Communication.

The coordinator of TAMSALL is ART-ER S. cons. p. a.

EURADA’s role in the project is to support communication and dissemination activities at EU institutional level. Moreover, EURADA staff will interview Nicosia municipalities’ representatives in Brussels during the Preparation Phase. It will also support ART-ER in the organisation of Traineeship Visits of Activity 7 under Component 2, facilitating the contacts with potential European hosting institutions, and will actively collaborate for the creation of contents for the TAMSALL project related social media.

TAMSALL is a response to Mousanada for Libya - European Union Support to Public Administration, reference EuropeAid/140756/DH/SER/LY contract ENI/2020/418-532. 

Contact person within EURADA: Ivana Rae Almora 

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