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Jerome Friedrichs

Jerome holds a Master’s degree in the trinational programme ‘Regional and European Project Management’ (France, Germany, Czech Republic) that imparted him with profound knowledge in the fields of regional development, intercultural communication, and project management. The latter with a particular focus on the European level. Previously, he obtained a Bachelor’s degree in History and German Literature at Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin. Currently, he is working as a project officer at the European Association of Development Agencies, where he leads his organisation’s engagements in the two H2020 European circular economy projects Agro2Circular and FRONTSH1P

Passionate about European cooperation and solidarity, he has always been drawn to experience cultural diversity, which has led him on study trips and abroad semesters in Christchurch, New Zealand (high school), Aix-en-Provence, France (Bachelor’s), and during his Master’s to Lorient (France), Zwickau (Germany), and České Budějovice (Czech Republic). Furthermore, he founded and manages an Alumni association for the trinational Master’s programme ‘Regional and European Project Management’, supported by the Franco-German University.