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EURADA Work Programme 2024

The Annual Work Programme serves as the blueprint for the European Association of Development Agencies (EURADA)'s activities. Meticulously crafted by the Managing Director in consultation with the Executive Committee, this comprehensive document outlines this year’s main priorities, planned activities, events, and projects.

At the core of EURADA's mission is the establishment of a vibrant community of practice, fostering collaboration among regional socio-economic development experts dedicated to territorial development policies. As pioneers in economic development for over three decades, EURADA and its members champion innovative approaches to socio-economic policies at the regional and local levels, striving to address societal and economic challenges through place-based strategies.

Furthermore, the programme encompasses a detailed report on the achievements of 2023 informed by extensive consultations with members and the Secretariat. Looking ahead to 2024, EURADA's priorities, established by the Board of Directorsbased on the current needs of European development agencies, comprise a wide spectrum of initiatives, namely:

  • Fostering innovation at regional and interregional levels;
  • Enhancing skills and talent;
  • Supporting clusters for interregional cooperation;
  • Leveraging strategic foresight for regional development;
  • Promoting impact investing;
  • Strengthening international cooperation
  • Advancing gender balance policies and projects and;
  • Fostering collaboration with entities like the Joint Research Centre (JRC) and OECD.

Among the key events and activities slated for 2024 are:

  • The EURADA Winter School in the Netherlands;
  • A Brokerage Event in Brussels;
  • The Summer School in Malta;
  • AGORADA in Brussels;
  • EURADA Awards recognising best practices developed by RDAs and;
  • AGORADA+, offering further opportunities for collaboration and exchange.