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SIMORA is committed to Sustainable Development

Article written by Neus Armenjach - Junior Communications Officer

Our Croatian member, SIMORA, the Development Agency of Sisak-Moslavina is committed to sustainable living and raising awareness among the citizens about energy-efficient solutions. With the aim of wide-spreading the adoption of eco-friendly measures, our member is addressing the pressing need for energy conservation in Croatia, being an example for other countries.

Central to SIMORA's mission is the promotion of sustainability in all aspects of regional development. Through targeted initiatives and collaborative programmes, SIMORA seeks to empower communities to embrace environmentally responsible practices and reduce their carbon footprint.

This year, with an allocation of 120 million euros from the Croatian Government, owners and co-owners whose houses have up to 600 square meters or up to three residential units and more than 50 per cent of the area intended for living can apply for measures to increase the thermal protection of the envelope, which includes better thermal insulation of the external walls and roof and the replacement of external carpentry. Additionally, these funds can be obtained for the installation of heat pumps, solar heat collectors and pellet boilers. In this way, in addition to reducing harmful emissions, the amount of energy required for heating and cooling the space will be reduced, financial savings will be ensured and the comfort and quality of living in family homes will be increased.

In collaboration with the City of Hrvatska Kostajnica, SIMORA recently organised a presentation of the conditions and criteria of the tender for co-financing the energy renovation around the country. The event drew a substantial audience, demonstrating a growing interest in sustainable living and energy-efficient solutions among citizens. During the presentation, our members provided homeowners with the knowledge and resources needed to make informed decisions about energy efficiency upgrades.

By facilitating access to funding for thermal insulation improvements, replacement of outdated infrastructure, and the installation of renewable energy systems, SIMORA is not only driving economic growth but also nurturing a culture of sustainability aligning closely with the European Union's ambitious climate targets and contributing to Croatia's transition to a low-carbon economy.