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Time ToBe Bloming: A Spring for Sustainable Wellbeing

As part of its consortium, we are delighted to announce that the ToBe research project is planning a webinar series entitled “Time ToBe Blooming: A Spring for Sustainable Wellbeing”.

This series, which is set to take place between March and May 2023, promises a deep dive into the realms of sustainable wellbeing, local approaches to wellbeing economies, and the overarching EU policy landscape.

The webinar series is organised under the framework of ToBe, a 3-year long research project funded by Horizon Europe. Acknowledging the need of a paradigm that places wellbeing at its core instead of economic growth, the project aims to discover the ways in which mindsets, indicators, innovations, and policies could better work together towards a sustainability paradigm. In this regard, ToBe intends to contribute to filling the existing knowledge gap in order to create a better understanding of a sustainable welfare economy through integrated policies and transformative indicators.

That said, this webinar series provides a great opportunity to introduce the concept of Sustainable Wellbeing to a wider audience. Additionally, it will present local approaches to wellbeing economies as well as address the EU and policy dimensions and opportunities for this topic in view of the upcoming elections.

The webinar series comprises three thought-provoking sessions:

  • 19 March 2024 (14:00-15:30h CET): A Dip in Sustainable Wellbeing: Understanding good life within planetary boundaries.
  • 23 April 2024 (14:00-15:30h CET): A Skip towards Europe: Discussion on the EU Green Deal and upcoming Elections.
  • 29 May 2024 (14:00-15:30h CET): A leap to the World: Local Examples of the Global North and South.

Each session will feature expert panel discussions, providing diverse perspectives and insights into the topics at hand. Furthermore, ample time will be allocated for audience interaction and participation, ensuring an enriching and engaging experience for all attendees.

Don’t miss out on this chance to spark meaningful conversations, share valuable insights, and collectively pave the way towards a more sustainable future.

You may register for the webinar series here and stay connected with us on Twitter and LinkedIn.

Please don't hesitate to reach out to our colleague Maria Midón should you have any questions.